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Company News >> LCD Market Industry Status and Development Trend Analysis
With Samsung's focus shifting to OLDE, the fifth-generation LCD production line will be sold to Chinese companies. The focus of LCD will slowly shift to China in the next few years.
In July 2016, high-level TFT-LCD panel lines in mainland China frequently reported that the main structure of the 8.5th generation of the new semiconductor display device production line of Fuzhou BOE was fully capped; the 8.5th generation LCD device of Huike Jinhan Optoelectronics successfully completed the project . At the same time, Huaxing Optoelectronics' 11th-generation LCD panel production line is also basically scheduled to start construction at the end of 2016, together with the Hefei BOE 10.5 generation panel line that has been built since the end of 2015, and China Electronics’ investment in Xianyang and Chengdu respectively. On the 8.6th generation line, five high-generation TFT-LCD panel lines of 8.5 generations or more have been built in mainland China.
According to the analysis report of leading enterprises and competition in the LCD industry by the Industry Research Institute of Forward-looking Industry, the LCD production capacity will continue to grow with the increase of investment by Chinese companies in the next few years. It is expected that by 2022, the LCD market in China will increase. The scale will reach 103.9 billion yuan.
LCD Monitor Industry Trend Analysis
1, the overall trend of the industry forecast
With the rapid development of China's advanced generation line, it has had a major impact on the global panel industry. The upgrade of the production line has enhanced the ability to adjust the production line. The production line is limited, and technologically backward production capacity will gradually be eliminated. In particular, with the shift of high-generation line capacity to small and medium size, it will have a major impact on the entire industry.
Because of the large number of customers and large product differentiation, small and medium-sized panels have imposed higher requirements on the marketing capabilities of enterprises. Domestic panel manufacturers will no doubt take advantage, and domestic terminals and panel companies will also strengthen mutual cooperation and will make comparisons with foreign companies. As a result, the elimination rate of global backward production capacity has further accelerated.
2, product development trend forecast
(1) Slowdown in growth of LCD TV market
From the perspective of product lines, the current domestic new production lines are mainly concentrated on TFT-LCD products, and all of them invest in high-generation production lines. In the past, backward production capacity will gradually be eliminated by the market. At the same time, based on the performance of small-to-medium size liquid crystal displays on the market, many manufacturers have begun to make efforts on small and medium-sized products and actively explore smart phones, tablet computers and other markets. In general, LCD TVs have a slowing trend in sales, and the prospects for small and medium size LCDs, which are mainly used in smart phones and tablet PCs, are promising.
(2) Ultra-low power drive technology
Reducing power consumption has always been a problem faced by various manufacturers, especially for mobile devices. In the case of slow battery technology, the power consumption of the LCD screen is determined to a large extent as the component with the highest power consumption. Mobile device standby time. In addition to liquid crystal panel aperture ratio, TFT material and other aspects, the LCD panel maker will also start from the drive circuit to further reduce the power consumption of the LCD screen.
(3) Higher refresh rate
Since the liquid crystal display technology is inherently "incurable," it takes a certain amount of time for the liquid crystal molecules to undergo deflection. We refer to this period of time as "response time," and therefore appear blurred and unclear when presenting dynamic images. Especially in the field of flat panel televisions, consumers are concerned about the sharpness of dynamic images. Therefore, in the case where the response speed of liquid crystal molecules cannot continue to increase, the major manufacturers can only start with the refresh rate and pass through the liquid crystal panel driving circuit. Some of the updates are most effective.
3, market competition trend forecast
Recently, under the fierce offensive of enterprises in mainland China and Taiwan, the situation of South Korea's LG DISPLAY and Samsung DISPLAY in the global large LCD panel market collapsed. In January 2016, shipments of Samsung DISPLAY's large-size LCD panels totaled 7.02 million units, with a market share of only 14.1%, and rankings dropped to fifth place. LG DISPLAY ranked first with a 22.7% share, Innolux (China Taiwan) (16.6%), BOE (Mainland China) (16.4%), and AU Optronics (Taiwan) (14.1%). 2nd to 4th place.
In the future, South Korea’s market position in LCD will be reduced and companies in mainland China and Taiwan will seize more market share. With Samsung Electronics accelerating its exit from the LCD business, it switched to higher-priced OLED business and plans to close all eight LCD production lines in South Korea. Six of the production lines have been or will soon be closed. On the other hand, some Taiwanese LCD suppliers have invested their smartphone display screen capacity in the production of notebook screens with higher profit margins in an attempt to seize Samsung’s remaining market share.
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