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Company News >> Industry annual 3D glass production capacity exceeds 300 million pieces Annual output value exceeds 20 billion
With the application of the wireless charging function led by Apple's mobile phone began to ferment in the industry, 3D hot curved glass began to be quickly applied to the back cover of the mobile phone battery back cover, but also after two years of tepid 3D glass hot bend market, Since entering the year, it has also entered a period of rapid progress.
The industry's annual production capacity of 3D glass exceeds 300 million pieces, and the market for hot bending machines is close to 3,000 units.
According to information Li Xing learned from the industry, the current domestic industry-wide 3D glass cover capacity has exceeded 300 million, that is, there are more than one million 3D front-to-back cover glass supplies to the market every day, but Most of them are applied to the battery back cover.
According to Li Xing’s rough statistics, the number of 3D glass bending machines in the domestic industry is now close to 3,000 units, with the exception of the total installed capacity of the top two cover glass giants close to 2,000 units, and other manufacturers investing in 3D glass cover plates. The number of 3D glass bending machines that are equipped will also add up to 1,000 units. This does not include some simple 3D glass heat engines that produce 3D protective films.
According to the installation speed of all parties, by the end of the year there will still be about 1,000 3D glass thermal bending machines installed in each new plant. Among them, the purchase progress on the 3D glass bending machine is faster, mainly by BYD, AAC Technologies, Lansi Dongguan, Lianchuang Optoelectronics, Helitech, and Levitech.
As the front cover of 3D glass is mainly affected by the price and purchase cost of AMOLED, the proportion of actual shipments is not large, so so far, the industry index of 3D glass cover will generally be based on whether it is equipped with a rear cover of a 3D hot bend glass battery. statistics.
Li Xing found out that in the first four months of this year, all the domestic brands added together, probably selling about 10 million mobile phones with a 3D glass back cover. With the speeding up of the follow-up 3D glass back cover supply chain, the delivery speed of the 3D glass back cover has significantly accelerated since the second quarter, and it is expected that the delivery quantity of the 3D glass back cover will be the first quarter in the second quarter. More than times.
The production process is different from the past, the processing difficulty is no longer on the 3D glass hot bend
As the current industry's 3D hot bend glass cover is mainly used in the battery back cover cover, so the first two years to make the industry entangled 3D hot bend glass process quality and cost, after two years of industry exploration and technology diffusion, basic It is no longer a problem. In addition to the manufacturing process of the 3D hot bend glass rear cover, the cost of hot bending of the 3D glass is also diluted by the cost of other processes, and the cost ratio of the finished 3D hot bend glass rear cover is getting lower and lower, so 3D The glass bending process is no longer an obstacle for the industry to increase production capacity.
Especially after the industrial inspection and measurement technology was improved, trial production, commissioning, and mass production debugging of the 3D glass bending process were significantly reduced. The optimized temperature curve was also mastered by most 3D glass bending machine manufacturers. The rapid training of the cover plate manufacturers manipulates the employees' proficient equipment, so the dependency of the 3D glass bending process on skilled employees has also been reduced. Everyone began to focus on internal production management by focusing on employees who are proficient in the industry.
Compared with the 3D glass bending process, the etching process, laminating process and assembly process of the rear cover plate of the 3D hot bending glass battery have become the problem that the industry is currently focusing on solving resources.
In order to obtain unique eroding effects, various brands have designed different colors and color representations according to their own smartphones. In order to obtain these beautiful light and shadow effects, the cover plate factory is required to pass multiple layers of optical coating and texture transfer process when processing some 3D heat-bent glass battery back cover products, and then try to place them on the 3D glass cover through different combinations. The plate or the resin explosion-proof membrane is realized on different layers, so the processing process is very complicated, and the processing time taken up is also very long.
According to information learned from the industry, some brands of 3D heat-shrinkable glass battery rear cover products only completed the optical coating process of different material layers, which took more than 4 hours, although it can be designed once and can be processed at the same time. More coating machines are used to speed up the production process, but the efficiency is not necessarily much better than the processing time of less than one minute per 3D glass bending machine.
In addition, as the 3D hot bend glass battery back cover products are in the process of resin explosion-proof membrane, it belongs to the curved surface bonding process, the current industry does not have a suitable process, can completely achieve the fitting tolerance can be small to hide the phenomenon of edge light leakage Therefore, the industry is in urgent need of powerful ink manufacturers and spray equipment manufacturers to solve the post-adjustment tolerance light-filling process.
Of course, there is a key factor affecting the shipment of 3D hot bend glass battery back cover products. That is, 3D hot bend glass itself is only a part of the battery back cover product module. When it is actually delivered to customers, it may need to be assembled in many ways. The additional components above are used to implement many functions such as fingerprint recognition, camera lens protection, NFC module, wireless charging module, thermal management module and even antenna module. In addition to these, in addition to negotiating with the brand mobile phone manufacturers about the assembly process on which link in the supply chain, the delivery speed and inventory level of other companies in the supply chain also directly affect the 3D hot bend glass battery back cover. The final shipping speed of the product module.
It is also true that the current measurement of the market share of 3D hot bend glass battery rear cover products is very complex. Ordinary pure 3D hot bend glass cover products may be available for 40 to 50 yuan, but if the product is a 3D heat With curved glass back cover product modules, the price of the product will almost double or even increase. In terms of the price of smart phones equipped with 3D glass bent-battery battery rear cover products released by the industry, the price of mobile phones has generally risen by about RMB 300 on the basis of the same configuration.
Therefore, after discussing with industry experts, Li Xing found that if the current industry's 3D hot bending machine market volume is close to 3,000 units to measure the annual output value of the 3D glass bending industry, it is conservatively estimated that it will exceed RMB 20 billion.
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