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Company News >> BOE OLED yield rate has reached 65%
On June 13, 2018, BOE A revealed on the panoramic network of investor interaction platform that the company's sixth-generation flexible AMOLED production line in Chengdu has made good progress. As of March, the comprehensive yield rate has reached more than 65%. Current customers include brands such as Huawei and VIVO. The customer now has the ability to ramp up the second phase of production capacity.
In addition, BOE has also stated on the investor interaction platform that the company and Samsung have maintained a good strategic cooperative relationship, and related cooperation is steadily advancing. Huawei is a long-term customer of the company and has cooperation in LCD and AMOLED. As the company's flexible AMOLED production capacity continues to grow, both parties will have more room for further cooperation.
With regard to the supply of advanced materials and passive components, BOE believes that the graphene touch screen has its technological advantages, but it has not yet been mass-produced. The company has already conducted forward-looking research. In addition, the company’s overall control of passive components in the first half of the year was lower than the industry average, and it effectively safeguarded the company’s stable production operations under the tight supply of the market. The company is continuing to deepen cooperation with component suppliers and actively develop new resources to further control costs while ensuring stable supply.
At the end of last month, BOE answered the questions raised by investors and mentioned that Micro LED is a new generation of display technology. The structure is that the miniaturized LED array inherits the characteristics of LED. However, because the technology is not yet mature, it still needs a period of development. . At present, the company has conducted technical research on Micro LED and has made some progress.
For this year's market, when BOE’s reply to investors’ questions at the beginning of the month, it also stated that in terms of smartphone display screens, the company’s main production capacity is concentrated on flexible AMOLED and a-Si TFT LCD. It is expected that customers will release new machines in the second half of the year, which will drive the small-size display market to pick up.
BOE also stated on May 22 that based on data from market research institutions, BOE smart phone LCD screens, tablet PC screens, notebook computer screens, and display screens all ranked first in the world in the first quarter of 2018 , LCD TV shipments ranked first in the world. In the future, the expansion of TV size and application scenarios will be inevitable, and the overall balance between supply and demand will remain.
The 6th generation OLED production line of BOE Chengdu is the first domestic production line capable of mass production of flexible OLED display. The vast majority of equipment configuration is similar to Samsung's 6th generation OLED. The core evaporation machine part also adopts the same supplier as Samsung. At present, BOE has obtained two sets of evaporation equipment.
Currently, there are six panel manufacturers that can mass-produce flexible OLEDs. In addition to Samsung, BOE, and Visionox, there are LG and Shen Tianma and Rouyu. However, compared with Samsung, the equipment and materials of other manufacturers are subject to greater industry restrictions. Unlike Samsung, which has deep cooperation with suppliers, whether it is procurement costs or supply capabilities, Samsung is not as convenient as it is.
However, due to local service advantages, domestic panel companies actively engage in front-end development cooperation with smart phone terminal brand manufacturers. In addition to Samsung's supply capacity, they are actually better than Samsung's services in overall cost and coordination. Some, therefore, domestic smart phone brand manufacturers generally prefer to purchase domestic OLED display products.
The panel companies in China have been nurturing the panel cycle of the last decade. The competitive advantages in the international market have become increasingly apparent. Among them, BOE has become the world's largest manufacturer of a-Si LCD panels, and Shen Tian Ma has become the largest LTPS in the world. Manufacturers of LCD panels, both at the same time have the ability to supply flexible smartphone displays to first-line smartphone brands.
In the future, with the acceleration of the construction speed of the LCD panel production line for the tenth-generation line in China, the new flexible OLED panel production capacity will be completed and put into production, and the industry's production capacity will be released. The domestic self-sufficiency of LCD LCD panels and flexible OLED panels will be further improved, and will be used globally. After the liquid crystal panel production line has reached the end of its service life, these new production capacities will provide industry security for China's domestic panel and will play an important role in safeguarding.

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