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Company News >> Another air outlet after the full screen. Is the folding mobile phone a gimmick?

Recently, rumors about collapsible mobile phones have started again. There are two rumors about foldable mobile phones. One is Samsung's Galaxy X foldable mobile phone, and the other is Huawei's collapsible mobile phone. Although many manufacturers are developing foldable mobile phones. But is it really the design trend of future mobile phones?

Let's talk about the concept of "foldable mobile phone". Like the concept of "full screen", foldable mobile phones do not currently have a unified standard. Therefore, the technical solutions for folding mobile phones of mobile phone manufacturers are not necessarily the same. The phone can be a foldable screen, a component that can be folded, or a dual-screen phone.

Among the mobile phones already on the market, ZTE Axon M is a dual-screen mobile phone, but its folding screen adopts a hinge connection design, and the two screens are physically independent, and realize dual-screen interaction through the system. The ZTE Axon M screens are all LCD screens, so the screen is not bendable, but given that the current foldable phone does not have an accurate concept, this phone can also be called a foldable phone.

Nowadays, the research direction of mobile phone manufacturers' foldable mobile phones lies in the screen. The folding of screens through OLED screens is the foldable mobile phone that mobile phone manufacturers want to achieve. Samsung Display, LGD and BOE have already demonstrated flexible screens. It is bendable, but it is only displayed on the stand and there is no mass production.

For mobile phone manufacturers to get a mobile phone with a foldable screen, the most important thing is not to achieve screen folding, but to achieve the durability of the screen foldable. Although the screen supplier has developed a foldable screen, with the current technology Looking at these screens can't achieve long-term bending, and a screen supplier has a liquid leakage problem on the screen on the booth. That is to say, the current foldable screen is only at the stage of being used by the manufacturers to show the technical strength, and can not be introduced to the market.

According to South Korean media ETnews, Huawei and BOE are working together to develop a foldable smartphone with a screen size of 8 inches. Huawei's goal is to launch a foldable phone in November this year and beat Samsung at the start time. Huawei's foldable mobile phone is foldable on the screen and foldable by folding the screen.

According to the Korean media, Samsung's collapsible smartphone has been completed and is currently undergoing mass production preparation and will be launched in the first quarter of next year. Combined with the news that Samsung made a major breakthrough in folding batteries, Samsung's foldable mobile phone finally got out of the lab. The reason why Samsung has not released a foldable mobile phone is to continuously improve the folding tolerance and folding radius, and strive to make a mature product. The Samsung foldable phone is likely to be unveiled at CES in early 2019.

From the perspective of user demand, in the next few years, smartphones will still be based on non-folding. Collapsible phones sacrifice many things that are beneficial to users, such as larger battery capacity, thinner body, and durability. Not as good as traditional mobile phones. However, with the development of technology, although the initial form of the foldable mobile phone is still relatively primitive, it will eventually evolve into a dreamy foldable mobile phone in the science fiction movie.

At present, the user's foldable mobile phone is not very useful, and the foldable mobile phone does not have much obvious help for the actual use of the scene. The biggest advantage of the foldable mobile phone is that the appearance is cool. But the foldable mobile phone is just like the AI ​​artificial intelligence technology. Although it looks more like a gimmick when it is just introduced to the mass market, as the technology advances and the industry continues to develop, one day, this technology will happen. The qualitative change has become the beginning and cornerstone of the next mobile phone revolution.

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