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Company News >> Where is the color TV market ahead? Suning Ovi set aside the fog
More than half of the 2018 years have passed. The color TV industry has experienced the difficult quenching of “half is sea water and half is flame”. Finally, in the middle of June, it promoted the cloud to see the sun, and sent a good appease for the half-year-old color TV market.

Aowei Cloud Network (AVC) data show that in the first half of 2018, the sales volume of color TVs was 22.66 million units, an increase of 3.9% year-on-year; the sales volume was 72.1 billion yuan, down 2.6% year-on-year. In the context of the release of dividends in the mid-to-high-end market, the deepening of market reshuffle, and the rational decline in panel prices, how can the color TV industry break the “surprise of the besieged city” in the second half of the year? Will the price of color TVs drop again and again? What kind of color TV category will become the mainstream of the market?

A few days ago, Suning, the first sales channel for home appliances, will give an answer with a “10,000 people to grab color TV” campaign.

The color TV market enters the stage of stock competition, and it is important to meet emotional needs.

In 2017, under the pressure of cost, the color TV brand experienced a reshuffle, and the market development entered an adjustment period, and the growth slowed down. With the new demand for TV and the decline in demand for secondary purchases, the replacement has become the main driving force for consumers to purchase TV. The Chinese TV market has entered the stage of stock competition.

Suning pointed out that in the environment of weak market demand, meeting the emotional needs of users has become a new breakthrough. This time, 10,000 people robbed, Suning called for an hour to accompany his family to watch TV, let the family return to the living room, and then through the online Suning Tesco, Suning Tesco Tmall flagship store, offline Suning store full channel, will meet the emotional needs The products are delivered to consumers and break the color TV market.

65 color TV half price grab, the big screen limit will continue to refresh

A new round of consumer upgrades has activated the consumer demand for high-definition big-screen TVs. The upstream and downstream industries are closely arranged, and the global panel giants have successively invested in 10-11 panel lines. The 10.5-generation TFT-LCD production line project invested by BOE in Hefei has also entered the final commissioning stage.

TV manufacturers are also keeping up with the market trend, mainly promoting large-size high-end products. According to Ovi data, from 2013 to 2017, the largest size of color TV shares has increased from 32to 55, and the penetration rate of large screens above 60has been continuously increased, and the size boundaries have been continuously widened. In this "10,000 people to grab color TV" activities, Suning also used the large size as a force point, launched a 65-inch large-screen half-price rush to enjoy the preferential policy, and strive for a new round of large-screen replacement storm.

Suning also pointed out that corresponding to the trend of large-screen, laser TV with the main feature of the big picture will usher in new growth in this “10,000-person grab”. In the hot market, laser TV is iterating towards smaller sizes and more affordable prices. The 804K laser TV released by Hisense in Suning in May is only suitable for viewing distances of only 3 meters and the price is less than 20,000. It breaks the inherent awareness that laser TV can only fully demonstrate the price/performance ratio if it is more than 100 inches.

Artificial intelligence is a new breakthrough, and materialization is a long-term trend.

The hot word that every industry can't do today is artificial intelligence. The original form of TV is not intelligent. When the TV has a built-in system, the smart TV is out of control, and like a mobile phone, it has the current intelligent voice control and artificial intelligence.

Through the continuous development of the industry, consumers' acceptance of artificial intelligence TVs has been continuously improved. TV companies have successively launched artificial intelligence products. Nearly 50% of new products in 2018 cover artificial intelligence functions.

Suning pointed out that in the future, through voice, face and motion recognition, users can generate more deep interaction with TV, and realize user experience such as TV video call and watch while buying. At the same time, with the advantages of color TV visual large screen, the visual transmission of IOT information can be realized, so that consumers can control all the dynamics of smart home while sitting in the living room. IoT will be a long-term trend in the development of color TVs.

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