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Company News >> Vaccine events ring the quality alarm for the LED display industry
The sales of rabies vaccine for longevity organisms accounted for nearly a quarter of the domestic market. However, according to the survey, the rabies vaccine and the “baibai broken” vaccine of Changsheng Biological were unqualified, and only 186 were in stock, and there were 250,000. Almost all of the vaccines have been sold to Shandong, involving up to 215,184 children, which is really worrying! After the incident was exposed, it immediately caused social anger and panic. Parents rushed to look at the child's vaccination record form, fearing that the child was vaccinated with the problem.


From fake Maotai to fake vaccines, more and more unscrupulous merchants will not hesitate to abandon the safety of their customers in order to obtain product profits. They will reduce the cost of products by cutting corners, making fakes, etc., but they may bring irreversible life-threatening harm to people. It is also a crisis of trust in the Chinese market. The anti-counterfeiting vaccine incident was of a serious nature and involved a wide range of people. While affecting all LED screens, it also sounded the alarm for the entire LED display industry.


In addition to milk powder, vaccines and wine, is there a problem with the LED display? Indeed, LED display fraud incidents are rare, but in recent years, due to LED display screens, or security incidents involving LED display screens can occur quite a lot.


For example, in April 2017, a corner of a LED display in a hotel in Jinzhou caught fire. The fire spread to the entire display. Fortunately, the rescue was timely, and the fire was quickly extinguished. Otherwise, the consequences would be disastrous. The 2016 "China Good Voice" national city sea election in Shizhu County In Times Square, during the sea selection process, the huge LED screen in the center of the stage suddenly fell, and the female player who was singing in the middle of the game; on June 30, the Weifang Municipal Meteorological Bureau issued the orange warning signal of lightning, just in this storm, Weifang The light frame and LED display set up temporarily in the Olympic Sports Festival of the Olympic Sports Center collapsed, and the scene was chaotic. In November of the same year, the guesthouse of the Sheraton Wutai Lakeside Wanda Hotel in Jiangsu Province was close to the end of the wedding, the LED display and steel on the stage. The collapse of the structure caused seven people to be injured and three of them were fractured... There are countless such incidents, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.


"Frozen three feet is not a cold day", the safety of LED display frequently occurs, and the industry's "price war" in these years is closely related to the market competition, light quality, neglecting the differential production of differential production. At the same time, labor, raw materials and business operating costs are rising sharply. Enterprises also have to bear a heavy tax burden. Under the pressure of high cost, the profits of enterprises are cut again and again, which directly leads to the homogenization of industry products. Seriously, the quality of products that enter the market is generally uneven.


As can be seen from the accident case, the outdoor advertising field and the rental field are two application areas with extremely high incidence of security accidents, and they have more unique requirements for products. In the field of leasing, because the LED rental screen itself needs to be frequently moved, disassembled, and installed, some manufacturers are driven by the interests, and the features of the installation and disassembly of the product are excessively displayed before use to meet the needs of the user. Due to the limitations of their own production conditions, they have lost sight of the product and neglected the quality of the product itself. As a result, the installation materials are not up to standard, leaving a safety hazard for the project.


In the field of outdoor advertising, LED display screens are large in size and are generally installed on densely populated high-rise buildings. Once there is a problem such as fire or falling, it may bring unimaginable damage. However, some manufacturers are often tempted by their own interests, often failing to take responsibility for their own personal interests, cutting corners and cutting materials. With the past engineering experience, they are unfortunate enough to make the safety supervision of the project not implemented, and it is easy to trigger hidden dangers and cause accidents.


Of course, people often say that "there is no weather in the sky". It is understandable that if it is due to the natural environment caused by individual LED display security accidents, it is beyond the control of manpower, but the frequency of incidents in the past two years It has been impossible to explain with the word "natural disaster", and it has begun to let the terminal market talk about the "screen" discoloration, and even regard it as a high-risk project, directly aggravating the crisis of trust in the industry. The alarm bell often sounds, seriously reflects, the fraudulent vaccine incident occurs, we are distressed and hold high the punishment of the flag of the falsification of the fake, so how can we stop these potential dangers in the face of the crisis LED display industry?


First of all, the reasons for the LED display accidents are ever-changing, but in the final analysis, it is still the quality of the product. Nowadays, the market has begun to pay more attention to the quality of products, and no longer pursues the price drop. As a result, manufacturers of LED display industry are slowly stepping out of the "price war" and aiming at a more high-end real market. What's more, some large-scale and far-sighted enterprises in the industry have begun to define enterprises as providing a full range of service solutions for pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services for customers. While paying attention to product quality, they also serve customers. Providing high quality product services, products and services in parallel, this should be the most direct way to reduce accidents.


In addition, in this fraudulent vaccine incident, the Prime Minister made an order: must give a clear explanation to the people of the country, and for the LED display industry, to reduce the frequency of LED display accidents, national policy support is also particularly important. At present, LED display related installation standards are lacking, there is no mature rules and regulations, if the government can hardly rectify the LED display industry, I believe it will be fruitful.


LED display industry products are not good or bad, but it is a problem that enterprises are deeply hated but difficult to solve. Inferior products affect the reputation of the company and affect the development of the entire LED display industry. Therefore, LED display companies must pay attention to product quality and resolutely eliminate bad quality from their own. Products, to restore consumers' confidence in "Made in China", is also more conducive to LED display products into the high-end application market.

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