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Company News >> Car display market is growing rapidly China's panel brand share has increased significantly
In recent years, with the rapid volume of panel production, the consumer market, which is regarded as a huge application space, has grown slowly. Therefore, finding new and fast-growing application areas has become an urgent need of major panel manufacturers. With the rapid development of the automotive market and the advent of the era of car networking, the car display field has clearly become the third largest small and medium-sized panel application market after the mobile phone and tablet market.


With the further development of the automotive market, the automotive display market is also growing. According to Qunzhi Consulting data, the market value of on-board monitors has grown rapidly in recent years, reaching 9.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2022, an increase of 12.8%.


The ever-expanding demand in the automotive market has led major panel makers to focus on vehicle display. Many domestic brands have established comparative advantages and competitive barriers due to early layout. Among them, Tianma is a typical representative and has become the largest auto panel manufacturer in China.


According to the data, Tianma has been actively deploying the car display market since the 1990s, developing and producing black and white products for instrument panels. In 2010, it began to supply TFT color products. In 2017, Tianma's overall market share in the global automotive market is about 12%. At the same time, as the largest TFT car panel manufacturer in China, one out of every five cars with TFT instrument display has adopted Tianma display. According to the latest data released by IHS, the international authoritative market research organization, in the first quarter of 2018, Tianma's vehicle shipments increased by 60% over the same period of 2017, making it the world's top three fastest growing panel makers for the first time.


Due to the strong blessing of Tianma, the position of panel makers in mainland China in the automotive display market is also constantly improving. According to IHS data, mainland China's panel brands have risen from less than 5% of the market in the past to 19% in the first quarter of 2018.


After years of development, the car display has become the most important interface for carrying people and vehicles to exchange information under the help of the Internet. Moreover, with the development of consumer electronics display screens, the car display also presents five major development trends: large screen, high definition, multi-screen, touch and personalization.


On the technical route, Tianma actively promotes the development and application of new in-vehicle display technologies to meet the individual requirements of high-definition, brightness and special shapes of vehicle displays. In the trend of touch, Tianma has gradually completed the transformation from GG/OGS to On-Cell/In-Cell technology, and the touch of the vehicle display will be more sensitive and lighter in the future. In the trend of large-screen, unlike the mobile phone device, the display area of ​​the car has a larger imagination. At present, the Tianma instrument and the central control panel can provide 12.3 inches of display products.


In addition, in the multi-screen trend, Tianma said that from two perspectives, one is from 0 to 1, to open up more possibilities for display applications, from the previous screen to the display, such as the rear seat control display Screens, car key displays, etc., new applications increase; second, from 1 to more, HUD and Mirror applications will gradually develop, and Tianma from the instrument to the central control to HUD, can provide an integrated solution to meet the car display Multi-screen application.


On the product line, Tianma is also actively working with large auto manufacturers to establish a market management system and improve the global distribution network. In addition, Tianma has confirmed with its automakers its product roadmap for the next five years to ensure the timely selection and supply of upstream material quality and to ensure other quality services are required.


The development of the automobile industry affects the entire industrial chain, and as the automotive industry continues to grow and develop, the vehicle display will also grow. In the future, with the rise of the smart wave of automobiles, people and vehicles will become the main trend and development focus of the car network, and the car display screen that carries important human-computer interaction information will play a greater role. At the same time, the deepening application of the latest display technology in the automotive field has also made the development of the automotive industry more in line with the user's demand for the intelligentization of the third space, thereby promoting the progress of the city's intelligentization and the progress of the times. As the leading in-vehicle display panel manufacturer in China, Tianma has become the main supplier of the first-line automakers in the world. It is believed that the diversified automotive panel technology and application will help the rapid development of the automotive industry and the times.

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