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Company News >> Visionox divests PMOLED business and develops AMOLED business

After the transition from the food and beverage industry to the display industry, Visionox intends to launch a new round of asset restructuring, the company will divest PMOLED assets and focus on the AMOLED business.


On August 11th, Visionox announced that the company intends to bid for Kunshan Guochuang Investment Group Co., Ltd., Kunshan Yangcheng Huwen Business Travel Group Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Venture Holdings Group Co., Ltd. through the Suzhou Property Rights Exchange in the form of cash payment. Some of Jiangsu Weixinnuo Display Technology Co., Ltd. owns 44.80% of the shares, and the company's holding subsidiary Kunshan Guoxian Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. intends to purchase the Kunshan Visionox held by Xinguan International Co., Ltd. and Guanjing Holdings Co., Ltd. in cash. Display Technology Co., Ltd. 43.87% equity. At the same time, the company's controlling subsidiary Guoxian Optoelectronics intends to sell its 40.96% stake in Kunshan Weixinnuo Technology Co., Ltd. to Kunshan and Gao Information Technology Co., Ltd., and Kunshan and Gao intend to pay the consideration in cash.


After the completion of the transaction, Visionox will fully control Jiangsu Visionox and hold a 95.07% stake in Visionox, thereby fully developing the AMOLED business.


In the long run, with the 5.5th generation AMOLED production line continuously optimized and optimized, the production rate of the production line will be significantly improved, which will help the overall production capacity to be greatly improved. In addition, Jiangsu Visionox is committed to continuously optimize the process and shorten the trial production. Cycle and capacity ramp-up period to accelerate profitability. The acquisition of Jiangsu Visionox and Visionox's minority stakes will help to further strengthen the control of listed companies, facilitate the overall resource allocation of listed companies, and enhance synergies. In the long run, the company's ability to continue operations will be further enhanced.


Accelerate industrial upgrading and accelerate the achievement of strategic goals


As the global share of China's smart phone brands has gradually increased, the development model of Chinese enterprises has gradually transitioned from the past cost competition to the quality competition stage, and new requirements have been placed on the technological content and innovation of products. The demand for high-end displays is increasing. However, at present, AMOLED panel products are mainly supplied by a few foreign companies such as Samsung. Domestic consumer electronics companies and industrial chains are in a passive situation in the global competition, and there is a huge supply risk, which will restrict the innovation and development of domestic electronic terminal products.


Based on the huge market demand of AMOLED industry, high growth rate, and the company's advantages in AMOLED industry technology accumulation, production line construction, talent reserve, etc., based on the in-depth analysis of the industry structure, the company intends to pass this major Restructuring of assets, focusing on the development of AMOLED business, and setting up the PMOLED business with small market size and growth, actively deploying new products and new technologies, and being able to better implement business integration and industrial layout, so as to accurately connect the consumer goods display market, Professional display of market and emerging market demand, accelerate the completion of industrial upgrading, increase product added value, and continue to expand first-mover advantage. Through the industrialization of core technologies, it will quickly occupy the market share of AMOLED, effectively enrich the supply of AMOLED panels, improve the localization level of domestic high-end display products, gradually increase market share, reduce the supply risks of domestic downstream manufacturers, and support the rapid growth of domestic consumer electronics companies. Rise.


Optimize industrial layout and enhance comprehensive competitiveness


Visionox's acquisition of Jiangsu Visionox and Visionox show a minority stake, which is conducive to further strengthening the control of listed companies and facilitating the overall resource allocation of listed companies. Through the acquisition of minority shareholders' equity through this transaction, Jiangsu Visionox will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, and the proportion of shares held by Visionox will be significantly improved, which will help enhance the company's display to Jiangsu Visionox and Vision. The control power enhances the technical integrity of listed companies and strengthens the business synergy of the subsidiaries of listed companies.


After the completion of the transaction, on the one hand, the corporate governance structure will be improved, and the original minority shareholder interest separation pattern will be transformed into the full control of the listed company on Jiangsu Visionox, and the Visionox display will significantly improve its control. While the company's decision-making power and decision-making efficiency have improved the management and operational efficiency of Jiangsu Visionox and Visionox; on the other hand, listed companies and Jiangsu Visionox and Visionox will further strengthen their technical and market resources. The sharing promotes the all-round cooperation between listed companies and Jiangsu Visionox and Visionox. Therefore, the company's further acquisition of Jiangsu Visionox and Visionox show that the remaining equity is an inevitable demand for the company's strategic development.

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