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Company News >> The bigger the mobile phone is, the more convenient it is?

All along, our battle for the size of smartphone screens has never stopped. In recent years, smartphones are slowly replacing laptops. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun also said that in the near future, smartphones will eventually replace computers and become the most popular terminal devices for the public.


Recall that, perhaps from the launch of the Note series by Samsung, the big-screen mobile phone is really not so popular, and then domestic and foreign technology vendors have started a new round of big-screen competition, 5.0 inches, 5.8 inches. Large screen phones such as 6.2 inches have sprung up.


Of course, radish cabbage, each has its own love, some people love big screen mobile phones, and some people really like small screen mobile phones, the emergence of a thing must also have its formation reasons, then if the mobile phone screen is getting bigger, it is portable Would it be convenient? How big is the screen size just right?


1, the mobile phone market must follow the trend


The mobile phone industry has set off a big screen boom, and major smartphone manufacturers have launched big screens. Since Samsung realized the benefits of the big screen, Cook also hit the face of Jobs after inheriting Apple CEO. When Steve Jobs launched the iPhone 4, Both emphasize that 3.5 inches is the most suitable size.


In fact, the increasing size of smartphones is essentially a change made by mobile phone manufacturers in order to adapt to the buyer's market. For consumers, they are more and more critical, and their needs are ever-changing. A product will always encounter its owner, only But the difference is in demand.


However, the smartphone market must follow the trend, so Cook also realized the benefits of the big screen. Apple had to launch the Plus version in order to seize the mobile phone market. However, today, the mobile phone screen is getting bigger and bigger, and the small screen mobile phone market is coming. The smaller the flagship mobile phones of major mobile phone manufacturers are not launching small screens, but large screens.


Comments: We can easily find that the screen of the smartphone is getting bigger and bigger, this is not just an Android phone, even the Apple phone has gradually increased from 3.5 inches to 4.0 inches, 4.7 inches, 5. 5 inches or even larger. Is it really the bigger the screen, the better? In fact, it may not be.


2, portability is a big screen mobile phone


If we only talk from the point of view of calling and texting, the big screen mobile phone is really inconvenient. Now some mobile phone screens exceed 6.0 inches, and even two hands are needed to answer the phone. Usually go out to buy things, eat a meal or something, the phone has no place to install, very troublesome.


After we used the habits, we decided that the screen of the smartphone would be bigger and bigger. Playing mobile games and watching videos all needed to be refreshed on the big screen. Chatting WeChat is also the bigger the screen, the better the input experience. Even the most popular smartphone screen size is 5.5 inches, because there are so many users who like big screens.


Although there are still many users who still read the small screen mobile phones in the past, they are only a minority, otherwise Apple will not launch a small-screen flagship iPhone SE mobile phone. However, the sales are still very good. But in fact, iPhone SE did not achieve the expected sales, it is estimated that Apple may not intend to launch a small screen mobile phone below 4.0 in the future.


Comments: At present, the mobile phone screen is really inconvenient, but compared with the convenience brought by them in work, life and entertainment, those small inconveniences are insignificant, with no border, full screen, AI technology. Development, the screen size of mobile phones may become larger and larger in the future.


3, the best solution flexible screen is the future


Through the above analysis, we can easily find that the current small screen machine and the big screen machine go hand in hand. The small screen mobile phone wins with its portability and one-handed controllability, while the big screen machine is dominated by a good movie and gaming experience. Whether it is a large-screen mobile phone or a small-screen mobile phone, it has its unique advantages.


The advancement of technology has made many things a reality. From the current point of view, the most likely is to change the technical core of the smart phone form, such as the flexible screen launched by Samsung. Of course, the flexible screen is only the initial stage, but the technology is mature sooner or later. It may be the best solution to balance the display area of ​​the phone with the size of the body.


Imagine that the important factor hindering the development of ultra-large-screen smartphones is that they are too large and not portable enough. If a flexible screen is used, the fuselage may be foldable, so there is no problem, and the core technology will be used in the future. The screen is getting bigger and bigger, and it's better to carry it, which may take time.


Comments: It is undeniable that the big screen will be a trend in the development of smart phones for a long time. However, if you use a large-screen mobile phone for a long time, it is easy to cause chronic damage to the finger joints and muscle groups, which has an impact on health. It is hoped that mobile phone manufacturers can adopt more balanced and ergonomic design and take care of the user's fingers. And palm health.

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