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Company News >> Japanese media believe that Hon Hai should sell Sharp! Hisense: What is this about me?

After Hon Hai entered Sharp, the Japanese brand has finally ushered in a new life, and the eye-catching achievements of the past two seasons are also proof that Sharp has started a new journey. Undoubtedly, the joining of Hon Hai has brought new hope to Sharp in the past 100 years. People can't help but wonder if Sharp can still return to the status of the king under the leadership of Hon Hai.


Whether Sharp can re-enter the peak is still unknown, but there is a Japanese media publicly claiming that Hon Hai should probably sell Sharp. It is understood that a recent Japanese website pointed out that Hon Hai sold Sharp to Hisense is the best choice, and this approach is also a win-win situation. On the one hand, Hon Hai can avoid competition with foundry customers and obtain more OEM orders from China; on the other hand, Sharp brand can also get good protection, and Hisense can successfully defeat Samsung with Sharp, and then win the global TV manufacturer NO. 1.


Coincidentally, the Japanese intelligence magazine "Choice" also reported that Hon Hai, as a foundry of electronic products such as smart phones, PCs, game consoles, etc., has many customers around the world, including Apple as the largest coffee, but Hon Hai's customers sell their own. Brand products, so in the market, often with the Hon Hai's Sharp to form a competitive hostile relationship, from a long-term perspective, Sharp may be negative for Hon Hai.


What exactly does this mean? It is clear that in Hon Hai’s original plan, he wanted to use Sharp to come up with something. It’s just that the “Long March” has just started, and before the two have been able to wipe out the fireworks, the Japanese media began to sing and declared. Hon Hai should sell Sharp, in the end, where is Hon Hai?


You must know that at the beginning, Hon Hai was "being on the verge of death" and pulling Sharp back from the "cliff side". Although he has not yet realized the grandeur of Guo Dong’s "re-first", no one can deny it. With Hon Hai's strong foundry and cost control capabilities, Sharp is still "live". Then why is Hon Hai, who has merits and hard work, be "disgusted" by Japanese media?


In fact, people who have dealt with Hon Hai and Sharp have concluded that Hon Hai’s credo is “good products can be sold”, and Sharp’s credo is “good products can be sold”. As the saying goes: "Cheng Xiao is also defeated and Xiao He." Hon Hai, the world's largest foundry, is now facing this sweet burden, relying on the foundry business and the technology circle, but once it is labeled as a foundry, it is not easy to pick a hat for yourself.


In fact, the marketing strategy of “Sharp's noble and not expensive” that Hon Hai believes helps Sharp quickly open up a new situation, but it also changes the positioning of Sharp's century-old brand. The height is not cold, VS is noble and not expensive. This is itself the two extremes of Sharp's development. After all, Sharp, as a synonym for high quality, has lost money for years, so that he is forced to sell himself. It is because of the craftsman spirit that he pursued before, and the quality requirements are brought to the extreme, so the cost is No high. And Sharp, under the leadership of Hon Hai, is this taste?


Of course, seriously, Hon Hai Sharp is considered to be the master, and only Poor Hisense, in the end who is recruiting who? How is the plain white being involved? Is this a "innocent disaster"? After all, Sharp and Hisense had previously had problems with the Sharp North American brand licensing issue.

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