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Company News >> Why is the curved screen phone not burning?

Remember when we had our first phone? When I was in high school, the first mobile phone I used was "Ericsson". In short, it belongs to the big brother mobile phone, but in this short period of time, the progress of the mobile phone is really catching up with the rocket. .


Until now, smartphones have been everywhere, and even relatives and friends at home have used social media to communicate. Daily life is inseparable from mobile phones. At that time, mobile phones can only make calls, but it is really less fun. Therefore, the mobile phone market does not. Stopping in evolution, slowly making the phone more versatile, like holding a few different tools at the same time.


Since Samsung introduced the curved screen mobile phone, it has improved the value of the mobile phone. The advantage is that the appearance is beautiful. However, the disadvantage is that the cost of the mobile phone is increased. However, when the comprehensive screen design arrives, we slowly find that the curved screen is no longer hot. Why?


1, the curved screen is derived from the visual experience of user needs


The curved product itself has a unique technical advantage, and it can bring a different visual experience to consumers. Whether it is a curved phone or a curved display, the curvature of the panel itself is displayed in both the aesthetics and the user's visual experience.


When we look at it from the visual point of view, the core of curved screen technology can give users a better visual sense of openness than ordinary screens. Yes, it can effectively reduce visual distortion. Of course, these can guarantee the curved screen as much as possible. Every point is equal to the human eye.


In addition, the combination of surface elements is very flexible, such as curved surfaces and large screens, and then ultra-widescreen, which has become the trend of the current screen field. For audio and video users and gamers, the immersive feeling brought by the curved screen is positive. It has been pursued by users, which confirms that the development of the surface comes from the direct demand of user vision improvement.


Comments: The early curved screen technology forced the ordinary panel to "bend", so the curvature is not very large, and now, the development of curved screen technology has matured. It can be said that the development of integrated curved flexible screen technology is a curved surface. The key factors that screen display technology can be popularized.


2, high cost and limited can not become the new mainstream


In the past few decades since the mobile phone appeared, the mobile phone screen has always been designed with a tablet. In order to make innovations in design, it is also to make more new designs in interaction. Samsung began to develop curved screen mobile phones, the original curved screen. Only the panel of the screen adopts a curved surface design, and the liquid crystal panel is still a flat design.


Subsequently, the curved screen has the unparalleled advantage of the flat screen. The curved screen is made of AMOLED material, which has the characteristics of thinner screen, lower power consumption and more beautiful display. The design of the curved surface can make the design of the mobile phone more The new pattern, the inwardly curved design can meet the curve of the hand grip and feel more comfortable.


However, the curved screen also has many limitations. For example, the curvature of the curved screen is not very large, and the arc of the freely designed surface is a large distance. In the process of using the curved screen mobile phone, there are many false touches, and the corresponding screen has a comparison. In terms of high price, it is a bit worthwhile, so in addition to Samsung's obsession with curved screens, other manufacturers basically do not use curved screens.


Comments: The price of the curved screen mobile phone is more than 3,000 yuan, and the full screen has been popularized to the low-end model, the curved screen can only be realized by OLED, and this material has a problem because it has self-luminous characteristics, each sub-pixel It is not necessary to work at the same time, so that the aging process is asynchronous, and this will lead to screen color cast and residual image.


3, the full screen replaces the curved screen becomes a new popular


The curved screen does not have a fire in the right direction, but the full screen is just a fire. Since the launch of the smartphone, the screen of the mobile phone has changed from 3.5 inches to 4.0 inches, 5.0 inches to the present 6. 0 inch full screen. The big screen has always been our pursuit of display devices.


In contrast, only curved screens that are similar to the shortcut function can only be compared to a full-size screen of the same size that can bring a larger display area. Currently, the most mainstream full-screen solution is a narrow forehead narrow chin. The design allows for the placement of a 6.0-inch screen in the original 5.5-inch phone storage.


Although there are not many people who will use the curved screen, the design of the flexible screen is very useful. First of all, the design of the smart phone can realize the design of the folding screen. The patent that Samsung has been studying the folding screen some time ago is Based on a flexible screen.


Comments: In short, the full screen is already the trend of the times, this year's mobile phone is still the world of comprehensive screens and shaped screens. Although there is no protagonist on the curved screen of the mobile phone, on the smart wearable device, especially the computer monitor, TV, etc., the curved screen can bring a very good experience, and there will be many new technologies in the future. Good experience.


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