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Company News >> New progress of Hon Hai 10.5 generation panel factory: production line plant starts Construction will be completed in January next year

Hon Hai has made new progress in investing in the 10.5-generation panel factory in Zengcheng, Guangzhou. The “heart” clean area of ​​the production line plant built by the China Construction Bureau has started construction. It is estimated that it will last for four months and will be completed in January next year.


After the production of Guangzhou Zengcheng 10.5 generation panel factory, it will produce 8K ultra-high quality, the world's largest 176-inch LCD panel. Hon Hai Guangzhou 10.5 generation line plant, with an investment of RMB 61 billion, is currently the world's largest high-tech workshop project with the largest amount of investment and investment, and the largest advanced manufacturing project in Guangzhou.


The first phase project is expected to be completed in June 2019. It will mainly build the 10.5th generation panel, substrate glass and related rear-end product production lines, focusing on the development of industrial data applications, ultra-high-quality 8K TV, etc. It is expected that the annual output value will be as high as after mass production. RMB 92 billion.


According to Song Chao, Foxconn has a total construction area of ​​1.78 million square meters, and each of the five core factories has a clean area. The minimum cleanliness requirement for the clean and partial factory cleansing area of ​​the China Construction First Bureau is 1000. There should be no more than 1000 particles of 0.5 μm dust particles per cubic foot in the clean area. After the completion, a series of equipment such as cutting blades, coloring and backlight assembly used for screen production will be placed here. The clean area of ​​the array factory where the core equipment exposure machine of the screen is produced has a clean level of 100 or even 10. In addition, the production line workshop has strict parameters on air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, anti-static, micro-vibration, illuminance and noise.


Song Chao revealed that the construction of the first phase of the ground-level grounding epoxy and hydroelectric air ducts is currently underway in the construction area.


Zhao Haitao, general manager of the first business unit of the high-tech electronics factory of China Construction First Group Construction Development Co., Ltd., said that “clean construction” is the most difficult part of the whole plant construction, and clean control is the biggest problem in “clean construction”. Ensure that dust is removed, dust-free, dust-free, and dust-free during the construction process.


On March 1, 2017, Guo Taiming personally voted for the largest shareholder's SDP to invest in the super-vision international technology Guangzhou (SIO) 10.5 generation panel factory, held a groundbreaking ceremony.


Guo Taiming revealed that in the future, smart display will be used in the production of monitors, smart TVs, electronic whiteboards and high-end LCD technology products in Guangzhou. He intends to radiate from Zengcheng to the Pearl River Delta industrial supply chain in an attempt to construct an 8K panel industry ecosystem.


Sun Yuewei, general manager of SDP, told the media that 2019 will be the turning point of 8K, and the 8K panel of 10.5 generation is the most important core of the 8K ecosystem. "When these technologies can be popularized through us, , we can achieve the ideal of technology to improve human life."


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