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Company News >> Scared by Apple's new machine, the Android camp hopes to grab the foldable mobile phone back to God

In addition to the comprehensive upgrade to the replacement model design, the three new mobile phones released on September 13, 2018, in fact, only provide a higher benchmark for the industry in terms of hardware device performance and hardware application scenario adaptability expansion. Standards, including chips that support the software's need for more computing, can support more professional scenarios such as life, sports, and even normal use in some harsh environments.


However, the appearance of smartphones represented by the iPhone has not changed much until today. In fact, the appearance of any product almost limits the application height of a product. That is to say, the functions that today's smartphones can achieve almost represent the ultimate goal of the entire industry.


In this case, the effect of Apple's new machine release, although many people follow the trend of Apple's hardware and software manufacturers to produce smart phones are relieved, in the absence of understanding the future dynamics of smart phone technology, as long as in Apple Based on a little micro-innovation, you can attract users and win competition with less than Apple's price.


From the trend of the stock market technology stocks related to smart phones, it also reflects some negative sentiments of the market for Apple's new machine. In the context of another 20% increase in sales price, no obvious new devices to join and new application features, the industry believes that Apple's new mobile phone products will eventually lose their appeal to customers.


However, only mobile phone manufacturers who are constantly dissecting Apple products and designing the concept of Apple products can truly face the pressure brought by Apple. In order to get rid of this kind of single product shipments or overall profitability, it has long been the fate of Apple's death in the market. The non-Apple camp is now mainly focused on 5G network applications and mobile phone hardware design subversion. Above the aspect.


So recently, the most common voice in the non-Apple camp is that Apple is the first to release 5G phones and foldable phones.


In the 5G application field, Apple applied to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for the millimeter wave application test in the 28 GHz and 39 GHz frequency bands in May 017. The 28 GHz and 39 GHz are the main frequency bands of the 5G network high frequency scene. However, after testing and evaluating the 5G technology, Apple could not change the existing network application ecosystem and stopped testing related 5G hardware. Apple believes that when the content side and the network side can not meet the actual needs of consumers, 5G will be the same as when 3G rose to 4G in the same year, but the repeated construction of some infrastructure will not change the industry status of smart phones.


If only some changes in data transmission speed, Japan's early telecommunications technology and the current WIFI technology can be achieved. In 2000, Japan could realize synchronous video on smart phones. If it is not suppressed by the global telecom industry and does not support Japanese technology, there may not be a 3G or 4G network.


Even so, 5G has become a hot spot for current mobile phone manufacturers to compete for. Recently, OPPO, vivo and Xiaomi have announced the development of 5G mobile phones. All three companies have adopted Qualcomm's Xiaolong X50 baseband chip. OPPO and Xiaomi have successively The 5G signaling and data link was opened on the mobile phone, and vivo initially completed the software and hardware development of the mobile phone, including its architecture planning, motherboard, RF, antenna design, etc., and the size and appearance of the mobile phone reached commercial level. Wait.


In the case that the innovation of smart phones can't be broken, everyone's anxiety of mobile phone brand manufacturers can be understood. In fact, the mobile phone market has also reached the occasion of shuffling again. According to statistics from various parties, the global mobile phone market has continued to decline in 2018 regardless of shipments or production volume. On the contrary, the invisible inventory in the industry has become an astronomical figure that no one dares to mention.


When Apple puts its hardware computing power on the industry, 5G mobile phones may once again become a new concept, which is difficult to become a truly disruptive product. Therefore, the non-Ping camp has turned its attention to the subversive design.


The foldable mobile phone is not a very new concept and design. It still retains the design concept of the flip phone in the functional machine era. It is only because of the use of the capacitive touch screen that the keyboard area can also become the display area. In fact, the industry most wants to achieve is any folding mobile phone, but it is not realistic from the existing device level, so the industry puts the subversive mobile phone design on the two aspects of achieving partial folding and full curling.


Fully curled products were developed around Toshiba and Hitachi in 2010, including TV and mobile phones, and they were shown in Xiaofan. These two mobile phones, which were dubbed the “big sword” TV and “Kaleidoscope” in the industry, ended in the end. Because of the poor experience, he died in the lab. Because in the CRT era, in order to flatten the surface of the display screen, it took too much energy and effort to complete it. Finally, it was defeated by a flat panel display with a real plane but with a poor display effect of 100,000 miles. You are now Another product that has a poor display effect and is inconsistent with the flat display trend can't be accepted.


However, from a consumer perspective, the need for collapsible smartphones stems from consumers hoping to acquire large-sized devices that overcome the physical limitations of today's handheld devices and meet their growing multimedia capabilities. This is from the industry to continue to promote the full-screen mobile phone, Apple also began to supply flat-panel mobile phones can also see the industry's decline, or there is a demand for folding smart phones.

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