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Company News >> Samsung also pushes the gradient mobile phone

Since last year, under the leadership of HTC, the Android camp's smart phone design, 3D glass + gradient design has become the industry's most mainstream promotion language. It can be said that in 2018, in addition to the high-end flagship model that closely follows Apple's design style, there is still reservation in the body design color, Android mid-range models will always embrace 3D glass + gradient design.


As a long-term special ink supplier for the mobile phone industry chain, Shenzhen Yalian Industrial Co., Ltd. has made great contributions to the realization of gradual color design for smart phones. Thanks to the technological breakthrough of its special glass cover ink, it not only promoted the shipment speed of 2.5D/3D glass cover in the industry in the first half of this year by three times, but also enhanced the market competitiveness of Chinese domestic brand mobile phones and upgraded China. Domestic brand mobile phones have made important contributions to the influence of the global market.


"Since this year, under the technical support of Yalian special glass cover ink, Chinese domestic brand mobile phones have quickly launched a variety of gradient color body designs, including Huawei, glory, oppo, vivo every time a new machine is released. Gradient color body design will be highlighted.” Mr. Zhang Junxian, Director of Yalian Industrial, said on the mobile phone online: “Now, overseas brands represented by Samsung have begun to introduce gradient color machines to the market in order to expand mobile phone sales. The mobile phone designed by Samsung, such as Samsung's A9 Star launched in June, has adopted a gradient color body design - fresh purple, gradient color design has become the most popular color of the Android smart phone camp."


“The graded special ink used in the 2.5D/3D gradient glass back cover needs to have various advanced features such as scratch resistance, good stain resistance, good leveling and sweat resistance, so as to meet the production process and follow-up. Quality assurance during the use of consumers, in fact, these special inks developed for glass surface materials not only have high environmental reliability such as acetone wiping and water boiling resistance, but also excellent high coverage performance, even In the production process, it can also be recoated as many times as needed to achieve the various highlights and matte colors that customers need."


“The success of Yalian Industrial in the special fingerprint ink on the mirror fingerprint cover was not only for the industry to explore a complete set of process for coloring the cover material of glass materials, but also for the industry to use the excellent characteristics of mirror ink. Various combinations with glass optical processing layers provide powerful technical and product assurance."


As the invisible champion of industrial glass special ink materials, Yalian Industrial has won wide recognition in the glass deep processing industry due to the cracking of many industrial problems in the coloring of glass materials. Yalian Industrial's ink materials and coating technology have laid a solid foundation for how to improve the product design of the Android camp brand mobile phone during the market cultivation, promotion and popularization of the domestic mobile phone glass material coloring application.


In fact, the special inks provided by Yalian Industry have long been


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