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Company News >> TCL breaks through quantum dots. Huaxing Optoelectronics will lead QLED development
Recently, TCL has made rapid progress in the field of quantum dots, including the efficiency and lifespan of red, green and blue primary color quantum dot materials, and the application of printing display technology. Most of them have been attacked by TCL, and the field of quantum dot display is about to usher. A transition from photoluminescence to electroluminescence.


The application of quantum dot technology in the display field includes two levels: electroluminescence and photoluminescence. The quantum dot displays currently available on the market are based on the principle of photoluminescence, which is the combination of quantum dot backlight technology (QD-BLU) and liquid crystal display, namely quantum dot backlit liquid crystal display (QD-LCD), which is only a quantum dot display. The first generation of applications. Electroluminescence is a quantum dot material that emits different colors of light independently under the electric field. It can be said that the display principle of QLED is similar to that of OLED, but it has wider color gamut, higher purity, higher luminous efficiency and material stability than OLED. Better and less expensive to manufacture.


Although QLED has significant advantages, it also faces many technical problems, such as low-quality blue light, the life of blue light materials cannot be broken, and the printing display equipment and process that can realize mass production of QLED are not mature. Even the QD-OLED technology, which is now widely concerned, uses the blue light emitted by OLED materials to excite red and green light quantum dot materials, which is still the technical route of photoluminescence.


In the face of multiple difficulties of QLED, TCL established the largest display material research and development center in China - TCL Group Industrial Research Institute display material research and development center. In recent years, it has overcome many difficulties in the field of display materials and won many firsts. As early as three years ago, the TCL Display Materials R&D Center has solved the problem of red-green light quantum dot material efficiency. Regarding the service life problem, TCL completed the industrialization level of red and green quantum dot materials at the end of 2017, which is the first in the industry. Red light quantum dot material (T95) can be used continuously for more than 3,000 hours, far exceeding the previous global leading level of 10 times; green light quantum dot material (T50) can be used continuously for more than 20,000 hours, far exceeding the previous global leading level 5 Times. Therefore, TCL has already overcome the performance and lifetime of red and green light quantum dot materials.


In addition, TCL has made the latest progress in the most difficult to overcome blue light quantum dot materials. It has already achieved the mass production level of blue external quantum efficiency, and its blue light efficiency can reach 23%. It is also the only team in the world to achieve this result so far. . Up to now, in the industrialization of quantum dot materials, TCL has only the last problem of the life of blue light materials. Once the quantum dot material is successfully mass-produced, it will not only be a breakthrough of TCL, but also a true benchmark for China to stand at the forefront of the world in the field of next-generation display technology.


It is understood that Guangdong Juhua, invested by TCL's Huaxing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has established a public open platform for G4.5 printing display R&D. In addition to actively preparing for mass production of printed OLED display devices, it also overcomes the key technologies for printing QLED and successfully printed 5Color QLED is planning the development of large-size AM QLED displays. The gradual maturity of quantum dot materials will enable industrial production and application through the printing process. At present, as the only enterprise in China that completes the vertical integration of the industrial chain, TCL has been prioritized and balanced in quantum dot material synthesis, quantum dot printing devices, printed display technology, and G4.5 printed display platform. Display industry from CRT, to LCD, to OLED, core technology has been in the hands of foreign giants, QLED from materials to devices to applications, China's strength to show the edge, is expected to lead the next round of display technology development.

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