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Company News >> Google's new patent announcement: will solve a big problem of screen bending
Since the concept of screen bending has been proposed and proven to be applicable to current electronic devices, this idea has begun to receive widespread attention. Although we have heard more and more screen folding or screen bending recently, we have to put into mass production for users to use. Now there are still many problems that have not been solved. Recently, Google has developed a solution after extensive research. Respond to and implement this more complex operation.


Recently, the World Intellectual Property Organization announced the patent. Google describes patents in patent documents using "foldable computing devices" that cover any flexible, flexible, scalable or collapsible device. Not just smartphones, but also devices such as tablets and laptops.


The most obvious problem with folding screen devices at present is the problem of screen quality and screen life, because in the course of user use, it is inevitable that there will be rude or improper operation, that is, the internal circuits and components of the display must be ensured. Can withstand enough pressure. This Google patent proposes three different solutions and subtly focuses on improving the device's durability approach.


The first is to limit the bending ability of the device by introducing the use of low-stretch fibers to prevent permanent damage caused by repeated folding; the second method is to use the flexible shape memory alloy Nitinol, its unique performance can be bent After returning to the original structure; the third method uses elastic materials such as foams and gels to thicken when bent and subjected to the pressure generated by the compression process, and these substances can also be realized by electroactive ions that react to electrical input. The purpose of thickening.


From the news of more and more folding screens, the terminal devices that can be bent at will are getting closer and closer to us. What are the new ideas about the key devices of the foldable screen?

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