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Company News >> The Chinese market continues to miss, and Samsung TV can't escape the curse of decline?
When people are unlucky, they drink cold water and stuff their teeth. Now Samsung is obviously suffering from the bad luck of the Chinese market. This is a resurgence.


We all know that after Samsung’s “explosion door”, Samsung’s differentiated policies have really hurt the hearts of Chinese consumers. Fortunately, with the rise of domestic brands such as Huawei, we have every reason to support domestic products, thus completely abandoning Samsung. . It is precisely because of this that the share of Samsung's smartphones in the Chinese market has been falling all the way, completely ignoring the original glory.


It’s going to be mixed sooner or later, and the performance of Samsung’s mobile phone in China can only be counted as “self-sufficient consequences”. But what Samsung did not expect was that the Samsung mobile phone was only the beginning, and now Samsung has to face the trauma caused by the decline in sales of smart TV.


According to the monitoring data of Zhongyikang market, although Samsung Electronics is still dominant in the global TV color TV industry, as of the end of November 2018, Samsung TV's retail sales in the Chinese market accounted for only 3.71%, down 1.11% year-on-year. It is impossible to continue to maintain the glory. The key is the decline in sales, and even the success of the previous defeat will be a bit embarrassing.


What is this? Obviously, it has also been infinitely beautiful. It is clearly in the global color TV market that it has a strong right to speak. Why is it that the Chinese market is always more popular than the rain? Nothing at all. In fact, in my opinion, Samsung TV has lost in the Chinese market, and it has the following points of thought.


First of all, showing the technological transformation and upgrading of the mouth, Samsung has a rhythm of the wrong treasure. What is the next generation of display technology after LCD? LG high-profile station team OLED, Samsung is against the quantum dot display technology banner, the two sides each pulled a small partner, so the TV circle successfully staged a big showdown between the two camps. Samsung and LG have different views. It can be seen as a matter for the enterprise itself. However, it shows that when the technology is upgraded and transformed, if it is slightly careless, it will go wrong. This is tantamount to a gamble. With Sony, Hisense and other TV manufacturers into the OLED TV camp, in the current form, Samsung and LG's display technology dispute, Samsung has fallen.


Secondly, when the company is too strong, it will generate complacency and ignore the feelings of Chinese consumers. Although Samsung has absolute dominance in the field of display technology, and with its strong scientific research strength, it is committed to becoming the wave of iterative update of display technology. Of course, there is nothing wrong with it. However, there has never been a so-called general victory in the shopping mall. Unfortunately, Samsung wants to take the old road of technology-driven market in China. It will definitely not work for a long time, and from the standpoint of consumers, it will earn the Chinese people. Money, there is a sense of superiority in the bones.


Finally, the rise of Chinese color TV manufacturers is also an indisputable fact. We still remember that during the 2018 Russia World Cup, the slogan of "Hisense TV China No. 1" by China's color TV manufacturer Hisense did not have a gorgeous rhetoric and no excessive modification, but solemnly declared the rise of China's color TV industry to the world. fact. On the other hand, Samsung, the high-end color TV market is crushed by Sony's strength, and the low-end and the low-end are facing the coffers of TCL, Skyworth and Xiaomi. The decline in Samsung TV market share is a reasonable thing.


The collapse of the business empire will not fall back and forth, but the collapse of the commercial empire will not be between the day and the night, but if Samsung can't find a way out of redemption, it faces the possibility of failing to turn around. Samsung's situation in China can only be "a local feather."

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