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Company News >> TV price cuts will break out in the first quarter of 2019
Under the continuous fermentation of supply and demand contradictions, the continued decline in panel prices has become a reality, and with the continued release of capacity of large-scale panel makers such as BOE, all indications are that the panel market will be doomed back on the downside.


The macro fundamentals are in front of us. Even if the panel makers are not happy, they seem to accept it. It’s just that there is blood in the heart, and it’s hard to put on a cloud-like look. But what can I do? The large-size LCD TV panel is oversupply, the market is dominated by the buyer's market, the buyer is pressing the price, and the TV panel manufacturer is only able to save the shipment at a low price step by step. It is precisely because of this that the large-size LCD panel market has fallen. The endless situation.


But even if it is painful to ship, large-size LCD panel manufacturers have to face even more painful facts, that is: the current large-size LCD panel prices have not yet really bottomed out, waiting for the large-size LCD panel manufacturers to continue to compromise, In other words, the price of large-size LCD panels will remain in the downtrend channel in a short period of time.


In this regard, an A-share listed company executive said that once the production line starts, it will not stop or reduce production, because the loss caused by the suspension of production is sometimes greater than the surplus of products, not to mention the current price of the industry, grab the market . What exactly does this say? The wool is on the sheep, the LCD panel manufacturers compete for strength, and the production capacity is expanding rapidly. The industry has started a price war. Everyone is not willing to easily close their hands. Obviously this is to kill the opponent and keep the pace of their lives.


From the standpoint of consumers, the TV panel prices continue to fall, the direct consequence of which is the decline in the price of terminal TV products. Considering that the Chinese traditional festival Lunar New Year is approaching, downstream TV manufacturers are pre-stocking, which means The market trading volume of TV panels is bound to decrease.


In this context, the theme of upstream panel manufacturers' market operation is mainly shipments. The price cut will be the main theme of the TV panel market. As for the terminal TV products, it is expected to achieve a small price cut in the near future, and the final price cut may be concentrated. In the first quarter of the first quarter of 2019, a new round of price wars may have to start again.


Although on the surface, the price of terminal TV products is down, consumers seem to have benefited, but in reality, under the background of consumption transformation and upgrading, display technology is iteratively updated, AI artificial intelligence is in full swing, how to see the key to the transformation of terminal TV products period. If domestic TV manufacturers are still caught in the whirlpool of price wars, it will inevitably ignore the iteration of technology in the TV industry, which may not be a good thing for the long-term development of the Chinese TV industry!

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