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Company News >> Difference between cathode ray tube and liquid crystal display
Display technology is a process of transforming information (optical information, electrical information, acoustic information, chemical information) reflecting objective external things into a human-observable signal, which is mainly displayed by a display device.


When it comes to display technology, you have to talk about CRT (cathode ray tube). It was invented in 1897 by the German scholar K.F. Braun, also known as the "picture tube". CRT has been widely used in televisions and computer screens, but because of its large size, heavy weight, high operating voltage and other shortcomings, CRT is still not seen in the market, but when the LCD has not been flooded with the market, CRT Technology has also experienced more than 100 years of development, becoming the dominant player in the display field at that time.


Originally in 1888, the Austrian botanist F. When Reinitzer tested the cholesteryl benzoate, it was found that during the heating of the solid, a viscous liquid state appeared between the solid and the liquid, and there was birefringence under microscope observation. It is not a liquid or a liquid in the temperature range, and it has both the birefringence of an anisotropic crystal and the fluidity of an isotropic liquid. In 1968, American scientist George Heilmeyer developed the first LCD (liquid crystal display). The main advantages of LCD are two: First, it consists of two flat glass, so it is very thin and light, followed by It does not actively illuminate, it is very energy efficient. Therefore, the birth of the LCD screen quickly occupied a huge market in the display field. However, compared to CRT monitors, the image quality of LCDs is still not perfect in terms of color performance and saturation.



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