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Company News >> Huawei lift lens model appeared
In June 2018, vivo was the first to introduce the innovative lift type vivo NEX. The front lens and fill light components were hidden in the fuselage and will pop up automatically when needed. Then the OPPO Find series adopts a new structure to hide the front and rear camera modules as a whole, further ensuring the integrity of the fuselage!


Although in 2018, major manufacturers tried to find a true full-screen model, Liu Hai water drop, double-sided screen lifting and digging type, but in 2019, major manufacturers released the appearance of the new machine to see the water drop screen and vivo NEX adoption. The lift is obviously more popular!


Not long ago, OPPO's new product line Reno, OPPO to further upgrade the lift mode! From the previous overall lifting into a side-rotating lifting structure, the overall fan-shaped posture pops out! For other manufacturers, the lifts used by OPPO and vivo are gradually being adopted for better display!


Today, the foreign media PhoneArena released a new Huawei model of the P Smart Z. It uses a 6.59-inch large screen with a Kirin 710 processor built-in 4000mAh capacity battery, and a rear 16 million pixel + 2 megapixel dual-lens lens to support the rear fingerprint recognition function. ! Unexpectedly, this new Huawei machine uses the lifting module on the vivo NEX, X27 series and Reno, embedded 16 million pixel self-timer lens and other photosensitive components!


Although the current authenticity of the news has not yet been confirmed, Huawei and Xiaomi have begun to apply the lifting module. It is not far from us. We know that after one year of application development, this year, vivo and OPPO will lower the lifting lens module, and the overseas OPPO F11 Pro, Vivo V15 Pro's flagship model X27 series all choose to carry the lift to the end!


Although some executives have publicly questioned on Weibo that “lifting is really good,” the sub-brand 骁龙855’s “lifting structure” on the real machine is suspected of being hammered, and the lift design module is clearly Domestic brands are still very popular!


Although Huawei has not yet confirmed this, it is undeniable that in 2019, the focus of manufacturers to update mobile phones is more from appearance to inside, Snapdragon 855 new machine, Sony IMX586 sensor, ten times optical zoom camera, and the overall screen program tends to proportion less!


How to better position the front lens, earpiece and other components for the manufacturer, how to better control the bottom border of the frame control has become an unavoidable problem, the bottom frame has limited shrinkage due to problems such as the headphone hole and the power interface, and it is necessary to achieve positive There are still a lot of problems to be solved in the true 100% ratio full screen!


So OPPO, vivo manufacturers esteemed lift modules will become a new trend in the industry?

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