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Company News >> Visible super-visible adjustable display based on dielectric super-surface
The adjustable dielectric super-surface can effectively control visible light, and has broad application prospects in the fields of displays, reconfigurable optical elements, beam deflectors and spatial light modulators.
Scientists at the University of Jena Friedrich Schiller, the Australian National University and the National Academy of Sciences in Belarus have found that the infiltration of nematic liquid crystals (LCs) into the dielectric supersurface is an effective means of regulation with existing optoelectronic devices. Industrial platforms are highly compatible. Importantly, liquid crystal light alignment technology is employed in order to improve the alignment and alignment ability of the LC to improve the tuning precision and contrast of visible light. By applying a voltage across the minimum unit of the infiltrated supersurface, it is observed that the resonant displacement is more than twice their line width.
We achieved a switchable ultra-surface display with a modulation depth of 53% at a working wavelength of 669 nm and a voltage of 20V. The new LC tuning platform demonstrated in our work may lead to the development of next-generation LC display devices.
The research was published in ACS Photonics.

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