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Company News >> TCL Huaxing power management escorts display devices

Recently, MediaTek’s acquisition of Intel’s power management chip product line has accelerated the integration of the power management market again. This includes TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics. Although it is actively deploying display panels and other fields, it will still follow the market and panel needs in display panels. Continuously optimize the power management chip during research and development.


In the prior art display device, due to the large capacitance of the panel, when the voltage drops abnormally and recovers quickly, the level switching of the level conversion unit takes time, which results in abnormal timing in the power management chip and triggers overcurrent of the power management chip Protection, resulting in power failure of the display device and abnormal display screen.


To this end, TCL Huaxing filed an invention patent called "A Power Management Chip and Display Device" on November 26, 2019 (application number: 201911169965. 2), and the applicant is TCL Huaxing Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.


The structure of the management chip includes a level conversion unit 105, a pulse width modulation unit 106, and a power-down protection circuit. The power-down protection circuit includes a voltage divider circuit unit 102, a detection circuit unit 103, and a power-down protection unit 104. The input terminal of the voltage dividing circuit unit 102 is electrically connected to the driving chip of the display panel, and is used to divide the voltage Vin output by the driving chip to obtain the detection voltage Vdet; the output terminal is mainly used to output the detection voltage Vdet, and the voltage Vin output by the driving chip It is the driving voltage of the display panel.


The detection circuit unit 103 is generally used to compare the detection voltage Vdet with the reference voltage Vref. When the detection voltage Vdet is lower than the reference voltage Vref, the output terminal of the detection circuit unit 103 outputs a high level, otherwise, it outputs a low level. The power failure protection unit 104 controls the input of the enable signal Epwm of the pulse width modulation unit according to the level of the discharge enable control signal E-CS-dis and the level of the enable control signal E-CS-pwm of the pulse width modulation unit When the output terminal of the detection circuit unit 103 outputs a high level, the output terminal of the power-down protection unit 104 outputs a low level, otherwise, the output level is the same as the enable control signal E-CS-pwm of the pulse width modulation unit The level at the output is the same.


In short, TCL Huaxing’s power management chip and display device patents increase the detection of input voltage. When the voltage drops abnormally and quickly recovers, it prevents the abnormal linkage of the level conversion unit and the pulse width modulation unit from causing the pulse width The output of the modulation unit is abnormal. It solves the technical problem of power failure and abnormal display screen of the display device in the prior art.


TCL Huaxing is an innovative technology company focusing on the semiconductor display field. It actively deploys advanced display technology and builds its core competitiveness in the global panel industry. TCL Huaxing has always adhered to the path of independent innovation-driven development. Looking forward to the future, TCL Huaxing will continue to meet challenges.


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