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Company News >> OLED panel Han built high wall factory can turn over the wall? 27th,Apr,2017
                                    OLED (organic light-emitting diode) is definitely one of the most talked on the recent market in Taiwan, especially in the Ministry of Economy thrown out of Taiwan manufacturers should team up the topic of the World Cup, OLED heat More soaring again.
                            OLED panel features, with self-luminosity, wide viewing angle, high contrast, low power consumption, high response rate, color and simple process advantages, color brightness, saturation is good; OLED can be divided into monochrome, colorful and full color And other types, including full-color production technology is the most difficult; organic light-emitting diode display according to the different driving methods can be divided into passive (Passive Matrix, PMOLED) and active AMOLED.
                             The government threw Taiwan to AMOLED "national team", but if the composition of the national team, can not catch up with the footsteps of Han factory? In this regard, the industry frankly "too late", because the South Korean manufacturers have long built a difficult to cross the walls. This Taiwan and South Korea's OLED competition, how is the development of the beginning? Wits View Research Associate Professor Qiu Yubin pointed out that spread out of OLED development technology, Taiwan panel factory, such as AUO, in about 2011, mass production of 5-inch OLED products; but when OLED development encountered some turbulence, so Affecting the willingness of Taiwanese investors to invest, follow-up investment also shut down.
Samsung deep plowing widening gap
                             South Korea in the follow-up OLED development, there is no let go, Samsung display (Samsung Display) still continue to deep plowing and layout. However, when only Samsung own smart phone using OLED panel, other manufacturers do not want to help Samsung lift sedan chair.
                             Qiuyu Bin said that the recent OLED began to flourish, especially Samsung launched last year, Galaxy S6 edge, using flexible, flexible active OLED and embedded touch panel, is in the market and declare their own products in the OLED panel technology development, Open the distance with other competitors.
LG large size market accounted for 9 percent
                             Now, after the market is gradually established, the industry believes that OLED next technology development, will go to the flexible trend to go; because of bending, flexible panel can make mobile phone design gradually improved, so in addition to Apple's new generation of iPhone Will be used outside, the land factory OPPO, vivo, Huawei and other manufacturers will also use. In the future manufacturers are expected to change mining OLED panel, will further deepen the Samsung monitor in this layout advantage.

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