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Company News >> After the decline in profit LGD operating center shifted from the LCD to the OLED 2rd,May,2017
                                       Korean display manufacturers in 2016 faced the most difficult period in history. Since the second half of 2015 LCD panel began to face excess supply, the display market began to increasingly decline. Mainly because, although the global economic downturn led to reduced demand for IT, but the mainland display industry are still expanding production, resulting in LCD supply beyond demand, resulting in nearly a year unit price continued decline.
                             LGD (LGD) operating profit in the first quarter of 2016 was 39.5 billion won in the second quarter was 44.4 billion won. Compared to the previous year set a 600 billion won per quarter, even its 10 per cent less than. Although the second half of 2016 with the display manufacturers to adjust the LCD supply, how much improvement in market conditions. After a declining profit, the LG monitor began moving the monitor center from the LCD to the OLED.
                             In the face of such a situation, the Korean media The Bell reported that the vice president of the gold show Han Xiangfan in the New Year's meeting, for the now changing global environment, "to overcome no longer, should shape endless" character to motivate employees. "Victory is no longer true, should shape endless" on behalf of a victory of the war will not be repeated, must be soft to adapt to the infinite change. The implication is to face the rapid changes in the display market, LG display must be actively responsive to create results.
                             Therefore, the LG has been selected as the future growth momentum of the OLED business, we must make a little success. Han Xiang Fan said, expect OLED to be successful as soon as possible to improve profitability; and LCD through the continued creation of profits, to ensure that investment resources. For the LG display, 2017,2018 two years, will be the company's decision to the next 20 years of the golden age.
                             LG Display 2017 is scheduled to be large-scale investment in the OLED to cultivate market competitiveness. The LG Display decided to invest 1.99 trillion won at the P9 plant in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, Korea, for the expansion of the OLED in July 2016, on a regular board of directors. Target to build small and medium size OLED panel production equipment, following the large-size OLED, the diversified production line.
                              In addition, in order to strengthen the OLED competitiveness, LG Display also launched the division of the division. In December 2016, the original TV, IT, mobile, advanced display (Advanced Display; AD) and OLED and other five business units, converted to TV, IT and mobile division. Analysts believe that OLED will become the center of these divisions and create departmental synergies.
                              Han Yufeng also participated in the 2017 US Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and announced that 2017 will adjust the structure, to OLED panel as the focus, is expected to expand 2 times the TV with large-size OLED production capacity, and revealed 6 generations Small and medium size P-OLED production, has been actively cultivate OLED business.
                              With the second half of 2017 OLED production line E4 began production, since 2018, the LG display is expected to reach 60,000 tons of production capacity to meet global demand. Smart phones with small and medium size P-OLED is also expected to start production from the second half. Plans to expand each year more than 2 times the production capacity to meet market demand.

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