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Company News >> Panel prices + alternative effect OLED market space is vast 8th,May,2017
                                         Different from the LCD light depends on the backlight module, OLED is a self-luminous mode, that is, depending on the luminous material power to light. And the luminous mode of the different created a different structure, but also the success of the screen response speed, display performance, thinner, low power consumption, flexible display, etc., is wearable equipment, VR equipment, surface mobile phones and other fields The first choice, the future in the intelligent terminal, television will also continue to improve the penetration rate.
                               Societe Generale Securities pointed out that OLED panels are mainly used in the field of mobile phones, accounting for more than 90% of OLED market share. Since 2010, OLED technology in the field of mobile applications has developed rapidly, but in 2014 experienced a decline, the main reason is that Samsung's mobile phone market share from 32.5% to 28%, while Samsung is the main global OLED mobile phone screen Demand for the decline in its market share led directly to the decline in global OLED panel shipments. However, with the OLED technology in 2015 and Samsung's strong promotion, OLED mobile phone market once again higher, panel shipments increased by 53% compared to 2014, reaching 275 million.
                               The rapid development of OLED will drive the rapid expansion of the entire OLED industry chain, including manufacturing equipment, materials, assembly and other industrial chain will give birth to great opportunities. Most of the OLED materials and LCD can not be common, so the OLED upstream materials market opportunities greater. OLED upstream materials are mainly cathode, anode, transport layer materials, light-emitting layer materials, OLED upstream materials because of high technical barriers, market competition is small, high profit levels, the future of OLED upstream material profitability is expected to remain at a high level. Which transport layer material and light-emitting layer of material and LCD in the different materials, for the new, future opportunities more.
                               Domestic enterprises mainly for the international OLED material production enterprises to provide OLED organic materials intermediates and monomer crude, with the OLED panel demand outbreak, the domestic intermediates and monomer sales of crude products is expected to grow substantially. OLED intermediates industry, the key factors for product quality and R & D response speed, due to the higher technical threshold, the current competitive landscape is better, higher profit levels. The current leading enterprises are expected to follow the rise of the entire industry chain and continue to grow and develop.

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