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Company News >> OLED panel printing out of OLED popular key step 9th,May,2017
                                            LG and Samsung in 2017 to invest in the construction of "printed OLED" panel demonstration line. If this plan is implemented, it will be a key step towards large-scale adoption of OLEDs ...                              But wait! Why is it out of a new thing called "printing OLED"? Is this a new display technology? Over the past five years, OLED "will come," the declaration has been heard ears long cocoon! Can we still believe this news? And with the new technology, the original production line, is now building the production line, how to deal with it?
                                 Too much problem! (Samsung Display) and LG Display (LG Display) prepared with the Kateeva, Tokyo Electric (Tokyo Electron) and other equipment factory, according to the Korean media reports, and then we look at the latest news to say what: Merck, Idemitsu Kosan, and other materials, each in the A3 and M2 production line to introduce inkjet printing process. The timetable is 2017 years.
                                 Among them, the Samsung A3 production line is 6 on behalf of the line, the target product is a flexible OLED, the scale for the monthly input of 1.5 million; LG M2 line is 8.5 on behalf of the line, the target product rigid OLED, the current technology is white oled + color filter, Crossing, the scale of the base board for the 26,000. Samsung A3 is the world's first pure flexible OLED line, the main mobile phone and other small and medium size applications and RGB oled products; LG M2 is the world's first large-size OLED production line, the main TV and other large-size applications. - these two lines are the most advanced flat panel display panel production line!
                                 According to media reports, Mitsubishi Chemical has in the first half of this year to several potential users with inkjet printing for the "OLED material" samples; domestic TCL-led poly-printing and the German Merck signed a printed display material products Cooperation agreement.
 there have been from large to small OLED production technology, why printing technology is also so popular? In this regard, there are four reasons:
First, printing is a low cost way. Only the OLED material itself, using the printing process than the current steaming process to save 90%.
Secondly, the steaming process, although the solution from the 3 generation line to 8.5 on behalf of the line of the whole steam crossing the problem, but in large size can not achieve RGB three primary colors triple steam. The existing 8.5-generation line steaming process, in the RGB OLED three primary color panel manufacturing, the yield dropped significantly.

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