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Company News >> Why does the LCD screen lose to the AMOLED screen? 14th,June,2017
                                        We all know that the screen effect is good or bad has been a lot of mobile phone users concerned about one of the main factors, mobile phone screen not only in the size of a very different, different brands on the screen their own characteristics are very clear.
                                Today, according to Taiwan's media reports, Samsung is increasing production of its own AMOLEDP screen production, shipments will reach 560 million, compared to 2015 increased by 114%, because this year the original use of LCD screen Mobile phone manufacturers have given up the LCD screen. And replaced by the Samsung AMOLED screen, of course, there is a key reason is to pass Apple next year out of the new iphone8 will use AMOLED screen, Samsung next year is expected to produce 50 million pieces of Apple AMOLED screen, in 2019 is expected to reach 120 million of the scale, in contrast to a series of reasons, LCD screen will be left to marginalization, but MOLED screen spring will gradually come.
                                In addition, the LCD screen in the technical and what place lost to the MOLED screen, I come to summarize for everyone.
                                First technical principleLCD This is the English (Liquid Crystal Display) shorthand, the Chinese name is full of liquid crystal display, LCD driver can be divided into Active Matrix and Passive Matrix these two models, the current mobile phone LCD screen is mostly used Active Matrix. LCD all the luminous pixels need to rely on a unified backlight layer to light, that LCD need to use the backlight to illuminate the display.
                                In contrast, AMOLED display will be much simpler, although it is also relying on a series of complex organic thin film material to achieve the purpose of achieving light, but his greatest advantage is that each pixel will have a high degree of control , Each pixel can be a separate switch, which will achieve a separate light.
Followed by the color gamut
                                LCD light source will be partial simple, there is not much color in the inside, strictly speaking, the world does not exist a white wavelength corresponding to white, white can only be a variety of mixed colors, LCD only through Backlight + phosphor to produce a white backlight, the most commonly used is a combination of blue backlight = yellow phosphor. So the LCD screen is usually a little pan-blue or pan-green, of course, taking into account the LCD are usually used Blu-ray backlight, the results are not listed outside.
                                At this point, AMOLED screen will look a lot better, because it's screen color performance is very good, especially in the display of white, and the real white is very similar, there is a little compared to LCD screen, AMOLED screen will feel richer on the screen, the color gamut will be wider, it can show with more colors, the display screen will be more easy way out, so in the color gamut of this one, AMOLED screen is superior.

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