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Company News >> Sharp force fight OLED panel, TFT driver IC and other three global first 19th,June,2017
                                            Hon Hai and Sharp fit attack. After the Sharp shareholders will invest in Honghai through strategic investment, Sharp panel will be aimed at iPhone next generation applications, next year is expected to formally mass production of organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panel, try to return to glory, won the camera module , TFT driver IC and OLED panel, the three global first.
                                 Sharp internal analysis, in the past on the occasion of the iPhone 6 selling, Sharp shipments to the Apple panel, although the number of camera modules steadily improved, but in the rest of the cause dragged down poor management.
                                 Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou, who will take over as president of the president of Hon Hai, said that in order to speed up the operation of Sharp from the bottom, the key is to accelerate the commercialization of technology.
                                 Sharp in the past TFT-LCD driver IC has also been the world's first, in the Honghai Group after the strategic investment, the internal set of technology into commercial, accelerate the return to glory and combined with Taiwan's existing AMOLED driver IC application development, The main application for customers to provide one-stop service.
                                 Sanitary News and other reports, Sharp shareholders in the General Assembly through the Honghai equity investment case, the Japanese Sharp will be in the next year, mass production of OLED panels, rapid import into the commercial market, Sharp is also a key step to reverse the operation.
                                 Japanese media is expected, supported by Hon Hai Group, will help Sharp for Apple iPhone and related mobile device panel orders.
                                 Japanese media analysis, in the field of OLED panels, Sharp has lagged behind South Korea competitors, mainly in the commercial speed is not fast enough, in terms of mobile phones to Samsung Electronics monopoly opportunities.
                                 Analysts pointed out that Samsung has received Apple OLED orders before Sharp's acquisition of Apple's mobile phone panels, and Apple's long-term partner, the Japanese display (JDI), will also boost OLED production and production to consolidate Apple orders.
                                 But in the face of the challenges of Sharp, the industry is also expected in the next generation iPhone design a significant breakthrough and change, Hon Hai and Sharp cooperation, in the fight for the new Apple Apple orders, there are still new opportunities.
                                (AMOLED) products, will be the end of mass production, the initial wear device as the main product, to challenge AUO's current dominance in the OLED market, with the smart phone, wearing and VR Will use OLED panel, is expected to push a large number of group OLED panel shipments.
                                 Wang Zhichao, chairman of the group, said the company has been engaged in OLED research and development for a long time, there are more than 200 people engaged in the development of OLED products, has been to almost the stage, and flexible OLED layout is expected to the end of this year to next year At the beginning will be mass production.
                                 The OLED panel needs to use low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) or IGZO as a backplane to drive, because the next five to ten years, IGZO because of power and cost advantages, will OLED in the backplane to obtain absolute advantage, making Qunzhi IGZO shipments are quite promising.

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